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We carry a large selection of tools. What is more important is that in each category we try wherever possible to offer the widest possible choice. A trade user, for example, will require the relevant tool to be able to do a task time after time, whereas a D.I.Y. user might need a saw literally for a once only job. For that reason we stock handsaws from £3.99 to over £30.00. We do the same for most tools, so you can choose hammers from Silverline, Stanley, Draper including Draper Expert, Newsome, Cooper, Estwing (reputedly the best) among others!

As for the rest it would take too long to describe the stock, but if you need it we have probably got it:

spades; shovels; rakes; picks; axes; trowels; screwdrivers; claw hammers; club hammers; sledge hammers; ball pein hammers; warrington hammers; saws; hacksaws; bow saws; panel saws; mitre saws; tenon saws; pruning saws; pad saws; wood chisels; bolsters; pry-bars; damp detectors; metal detectors;