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We stock a comprehensive range of all the following to cater for both your home-improvement aspirations and any little disasters that might have occurred (none of them your fault of course!):

Compression fittings from 6mm to 28mm
Solder ring fittings
‘Speedfit‛ push fit fittings
Mc Alpine sink shower and bath traps
McAlpine waste compression fittings
Mcalpine pan connectors
Terrain solvent-weld waste fittings
Copper tube from 8mm to 28mm
Chrome on copper tube 15mm & 22mm
‘Speedfit‛ tube 15mm & 22mm
Mcalpine and terrain waste pipe 32/38/50mm
Washing machine supply & drain hoses (standard and extra long)
Shower hoses
Shower riser rails
Shower handsets
Wide range of ball valves, float valves & cistern siphons
Radiator valves (including thermostatic)
Toilet seats
Toilet seat hinges
Pipe bending springs
Washers (far too many to list but gazillions of them so don‛t worry about your little drips -
we probably have the solution)
Replacement tap inserts (in case you wrongly diagnosed the above washer problem)

Anyway, you get the idea. Get off your butt now. You could have been here, got some free advice, the required part and have got home to fix the problem instead of trying to look ‘21st century trendy‛ on the internet!